Dubai Training Camp 2015-2016

COMAST beacon squad have recently returned from a winter training camp in Dubai. Most tourists travel to Dubai to experience a luxurious retreat of beaches, indulgent dining, and lavish shopping. The Manchester swimmers however, were more after epic gym sessions in a warehouse, challenging swim sessions in world-class facilities and too-many-to-count burpees in a desert.


The camp’s theme was intensity and with that in mind the squad, with the company of Sunderland SC, completed 14 successful swim sessions and 5 gym sessions. The highlights of the trip were training with some of Hamilton Aquatics’ best swimmers at the Hamdan Sports Complex. This was a very impressive centre with the capacity to seat thousands. It was great to train with new people and to take on a new type of challenging swim set. The gym sessions were also a highlight. COMAST were fortunate enough to use the Warehouse Gym, as the name implies, the gym is a large converted warehouse creating a great vibe for a strong work out. Not much cardio in12471053_10153816853581779_1391967213_o sight, lots of iron, lots of graffiti and lots of muscles! I think the coaches enjoyed the uber cool cafe upstairs too!


Away from the pool, Dubai provided a fun playground for down-time. A team trip to Atlantis Water Park on the Palm Island was an awesome experience and the fireworks on Jumeirah Beach for New Years Eve lived up to high expectations. New Years is certainly a celebration taken seriously in UAE!



12494358_10153828120321779_2086066262_oThe team have returned refreshed with new experiences under their belt, both fun ones and the more character building challenges! Motivation is high to maintain the progressions that have been made during the New Year training period. It can certainly be said that the team are looking forward to the long course racing over the coming months.

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