Bolzano International Swim Meeting 2015


Last weekend 13 COMAST swimmers took to Northern Italy, the scenic and mountainous Bolzano. This is one wild meet. The pool is set at the bottom of sheer dropping cliffs. The competition conditions are chaotic. Warm ups and poolside are hectic, jam packed and by no means conducive to performance. The call room is what looks like an abandoned greenhouse randomly clinging to the main building. Wild indeed. This is why we keep coming back, this is why we love it.


The results were mixed, as is often the case at this time of year, however, it can certainly be said that the meet was enjoyable. The younger members of the group belonging to Mark Mckenna’s performance squad particularly excelled in dealing with the tricky conditions, racing outside of their comfort zones for what was, for some, the first time. The meet is a pure sprint meet, this means no distance above 100 metres. It also however, meant no swim downs.


Regardless, all swimmers were in the same boat and the Manchester massive manage to pull a few medals out the bag. Christopher Steeples won bronze in the 100m breastroke and Jessica Fullalove won silver in the 100m  Backstroke. Fullalove was also 3rd overall in the womens backstoke competition and Sam Horrocks came 5th overall in the men’s Butterfly competition to earn themselves a nice bit of cash (based on combined performance of 50m, 100m and 100 IM).  The younger swimmers from Mckenna’s group also succeeded with some high age group placings including Rebecca Fell achieving silver in the 100m breastroke and Rusha Mondal 4th in the same event. The women’s 4×50 Freestyle relay was an exciting race in which the Manchester girls got bronze (Fullalove, Rhianna Bennett, Jessica Llyod and Rebecca Guy).


Despite the somewhat remote location of the meet and its chaotic nature it’s a high standard affair. Many high profile international athletes flocked to the Alps. A distinguishing feature of the meet is the opening parade of Olympic swimmers, an impressive array of international stars were seen last weekend and no less than four meet records fell.


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