East Midlands Disability Meet 2017 Success

Recently in Leicestershire, COMAST swimmers Liam Hardy, Rachel Partington, Asa Bebbington and Aiden Watkins competed at the EAST MIDLANDS  2017 (Inclusive) Event for Competitive Disability Swimmers held at the Braunstone Leisure Centre.  

The event is a licensed level 3 meet for swimmers in regular training with an understanding of the rules of competitive swimming to enable them to compete for individual age group event medals and gain times in a prestigious competition including relays and for East Midlands swimmers to compete for East Midlands overall age group awards.

The group had a hugely successful meet and came away with an impressive haul of medals and personal best times.


Liam Hardy: 4 GOLD, 8 SILVER and a County time for his first ever 400m freestyle race, plus 6 personal best times.


Rachel Partington: 6 GOLD, 2 SILVER, 1 BRONZE and 5 personal bests.


Asa Bebbington: 2 SILVER, 3 BRONZE and 4 personal bests.


Aiden Watkins: 3 BRONZE and 2 personal bests.


A grand total of 30 medals! Congratulations to all the swimmers.

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