Report by Chloe Golding of the COMAST Beacon Squad

So, our first challenge was to make it to Spain. With Mark and Karen already being out there, the pressure fell on the older swimmers in the group to get the whole squad, safely, from Manchester to Barcelona (leading to a massive panic mid-air thinking I had left one of my group members at Manchester airport). But with everyone safely on the ground on the other side, and a slight delay due to lost luggage we headed to our hotel to rest up for our first session the following morning.

The week was used to set up the basics for the season ahead, focusing on; long spines, head position, clean breakouts and consistency of underwater kicks. I particularly enjoyed the swim-land sessions where we were given exercises to complete between aerobic, inch-perfect swimming as it gave us more things to think about. However, doing 160 burpee-press ups in the heat in one of the sessions was definitely not enjoyable. We also managed to get a couple of speed sets in, but these felt much harder than usual as it was only the end of August! Training in the sunshine is always more appealing, but it was also nice to get some free time on our afternoon off to head down to the beach and have a break from training to chill out and have a laugh.

With 13 sessions of skills being drilled into us I think that everyone got something out of the camp, and we also managed to cover a fair distance with 70km over the week. It was a really enjoyable week of training and now I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings.

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