City of Manchester Icebergs, based at Wright Robinson pool

(Full address: Wright Robinson College, Off Falmer Close, Abbey Hey Lane, Gorton, M18 8RL)


This Club works alongside the City of Manchester Aquatics Swim Team (COMAST) to bridge the gap between the ASA swimming lesson pathway and competitive swimming. The sessions are delivered by COMAST coaches and incorporate planned training sessions that aim to improve stroke technique and teach competitive skills such as dives, starts, and turns, in a relaxed, fun environment.

Club Sessions

Sunday: 3:00 – 4:00pm (Arcadia Leisure Centre, Levenshulme)

Monday:   6. 00p.m – 8.00pm (Wright Robinson Sports College)

Wednesday:   6. 00p.m – 8.00pm (Wright Robinson Sports College)

We also offer two Academy sessions (equivalent to stage 8 – 10) per week. In the one-hour session, swimmers will work on developing specific competitive strokes and building stamina to be able to join the main club training sessions.

Academy Sessions

Sunday 3 – 4 (Arcadia Leisure Centre, Levenshulme)

Monday 6 – 7 (Wright Robinson Sports College)

Swimmers, who are at a minimum of stage 6/7 on the ASA learn to swim pathway, are interested in competitive swimming and are able to swim 25 metres of recognizable front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke and have a knowledge of butterfly kick, are eligible for a trial.


Head Coach: Emma Smithurst


Telephone: 07927 299300