Development One Squad

Development One Squad – Lead Coach Julia Gibson


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest
18.15 – 20.00
Man Aquatic Centre
Short Course
Rest 18.15 – 20.00
Man Aquatic Centre
Short Course
Rest Rest Rest Rest

All sessions will start & finish with 15mins Pre and Post pool training

Guidelines for entry & exit:

  • Swimmers will attend 2 Sessions each week
    • Swimmers will be offered transition sessions with Development 2 squad once they’ve demonstrated the correct level of commitment and ability
  • Swimmers will be committed to learn and develop all four strokes, starts, turns and finishes to a high standard
  • Keep with the training pace of the group and able to swim 400m continuously
  • Swimmers will be aiming to compete at level 3 local competitions working towards Lancashire County level competition
  • Swimmers will be aged up to 11 years as of 31st Dec based on coaches decision and the individuals Maturation/Training Age
  • All Competitions with COMAST unless agreed with coach